Office of Sorority & Fraternity Life Commitments

Support • Lead • Engage • Inform

Through a shared commitment to upholding the SFL community’s five Core Values (academic achievement, civic and community engagement, diversity and inclusivity, personal and professional development, and holistic wellness), the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life (SFL) has developed four commitments (Support, Lead, Engage, and Inform) that ensure the community is intentionally fulfilling and upholding these values. The SFL Office uses the four commitments as a guiding tool to challenge and support the governing councils, member organizations and their members in pursuit of upholding the five core values.


Through the commitment to promote the five core values, SFL SUPPORT stands to guide and assist the community in their pursuit to provide a premier sorority and fraternity experience. Through informed governance and operative logistic support, SFL will provide advisement and process alignment to achieve this commitment.


  • Provide counsel and support to four governing Councils and their Executive Board leaders in their oversight of the fraternity and sorority system
  • Assist Chapters in the integration of the academic and co-curricular aspects of the fraternity and sorority experience
  • Provide external opportunities for SFL staff to obtain the necessary industry knowledge to enhance their skills to better advise and support of the community they serve

Process Alignment

  • Designing and maintaining community database and the reporting of consistent information in alignment with industry best practices
  • Maintain rosters and forms necessary for the successful day to day operations, administrative and management of the sorority and fraternity experience


Through the commitment to promote the five core values, SFL LEAD stands to develop leaders to reach their highest ideal within themselves which will strengthen the community. SFL will provide membership development opportunities to achieve this commitment.

Member Development

  • Create and maintain community standards and expectations consistent with inter/national standards, industry best practice, and university mission
  • Plan and implement training, leadership development programs/seminars, and community standards in support of expectations for Chapter officers, new members, and general membership
  • Support access to external educational opportunities and resources for the four governing Councils and their Executive Board leaders


Through the commitment to promote the five core values, SFL ENGAGE stands to assist the Councils in their growth, community awareness and connectedness to peer groups, campus community, and the Lawrence, Kansas community. SFL provides external relationship support and event management guidance to achieve this commitment.

External Relations

  • Serve as liaison to alumni advisory boards, Chapter house corporation boards, inter/national organizations, and university departments
  • Host consistent opportunities for key stakeholders to provide updates and collaboration with best practices of fraternities and sororities
  • Assist in the effective marketing of the sorority and fraternity experience to university stakeholders and both incoming and current students
  • Support the use of resources to aid in the administrative functioning of SFL in educating large populations of students related to their role within the sorority/fraternity community

Event Management

  • Facilitate opportunities to support the annual recruitment of new students for membership across the four Councils
  • Educate the community on healthy risk management practices, especially in areas of but not limited to social events with alcohol, in accordance with university policies, industry best practices, and inter/national standards
  • Facilitate programs to increase campus and community awareness of the value of the sorority and fraternity experience.


Through the commitment to promote the five core values, SFL INFORM stands to support the educational initiatives and programmatic efforts of the four governing Councils. SFL provides educational programming to achieve these values.

Educational Programming

  • Coordinate intentional educational discourse and programs that align with and promote the community core values
  • Collaborate with Council leadership on guest presentations and initiatives to educate the SFL and campus community
  • Provide opportunities for Council and Chapter specific education to aid in an enriched awareness on a variety of topics

The Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life advocates for the sororities and fraternities in pursuit of fraternal ideals and serves as a resource to develop and educate leaders in a diverse, self-governed, living-learning environment.