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The KU Panhellenic Association (PHA) was founded at the University of Kansas in the spring of 1905 with the purpose of increasing the influence of sororities in college life, improving the relationships between the members of different chapters, and ensuring dignified methods of recruiting, pledging, and initiation. Today, our campus has 11 recognized chapters that strive for excellence in the four founding pillars of Leadership, Scholarship, Friendship, and Service.

Recruitment Information

Fall Formal Recruitment is held in August. Select chapters participate in Continuous Open Recruitment through the Fall and Spring semesters.

More information can be found on the Panhellenic website below or on specific chapter Instagram pages.

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Alpha Chi Omega- ΑΧΩ

Alpha Delta Pi - ΑΔΠ

Chi Omega- ΧΩ

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  • Founded in 1895 at the University of Arkansas, Chi Omega is the largest women’s fraternal organization in the world with over 380,000 initiates, 181 collegiate chapters, and 247 alumnae chapters. Throughout Chi Omega’s long and proud history, the Fraternity has brought its members unequaled opportunities for personal growth and development.

Delta Delta Delta- ΔΔΔ

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  • Although there were three women’s groups represented at Boston University in 1888, seniors Sarah Ida Shaw and Eleanor Dorcas Pond saw a need for a different organization that would “be kind alike to all and think more of the girl’s inner self and character than of her personal appearance.” All was finished on Thanksgiving Eve 1888 when the two embraced each other and declared “Tri Delta is founded.” Their vision has grown into the dynamic women’s organization we know today.

Delta Gamma- ΔΓ

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  • Delta Gamma Fraternity was founded in 1873 in Oxford, Mississippi at the Lewis School for Girls by three young women: Anna Boyd, Mary Comfort and Eva Webb. Founded before the term sorority was used, our fraternity has since grown into one of the largest international women's organizations with more than 250,000 members, 150 collegiate chapters and 200 alumnae groups. 

Gamma Phi Beta- ΓΦΒ

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  • In 1874 at Syracuse University, students and friends Helen M. Dodge, Frances E. Haven, E. Adeline Curtis and Mary A. Bingham decided it was high-time to break gender alienation on their campus. In effort to create a welcoming and supportive environment for collegiate women, they founded Gamma Phi Beta Sorority. Fast-forward to today, more than 145 years later, and the Sorority, which was the first female organization to be coined with that name, continues to be a safe haven for all 224,000 (and counting) of its members.

Kappa Alpha Theta- ΚΑΘ

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  • In establishing Kappa Alpha Theta in 1870, their founders created a women’s fraternity in which they could learn, grow, and be part of something larger than themselves. In her later years, Bettie Locke Hamilton, one of their founders, wrote, “We realized somehow that we weren’t going to college just for ourselves, but for all the girls who would follow after us, if we could just win out.”

Kappa Delta- ΚΔ

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  • Founded Oct. 23, 1897, at State Female Normal School (now Longwood University) in Farmville, Virginia, Kappa Delta now has 167 collegiate chapters and more than 220 active alumnae chapters across the country that allow members to stay involved throughout their lifetimes. Kappa Delta Sorority provides experiences that build confidence in women and inspire them to action through the power of lifelong friendship. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma- ΚΚΓ

Pi Beta Phi- ΠΒΦ

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  • In 1867, 12 courageous young women set the stage for a thriving organization that continues to enrich the lives of many during their collegiate years and beyond. Throughout our history, Pi Beta Phi has helped young women develop meaningful relationships with others while reaching their personal potential. 

Sigma Kappa- ΣΚ

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