SFL Programs

One of the primary goals of the SFL Office is to promote leadership and personal development among students involved in fraternities and sororities. This is accomplished in several ways, including through our daily interactions with students, through our advising of organizations and governing councils, and through programs designed to promote these ideals.

Students and organizations are therefore encouraged to take advantage of all that membership in our organizations have to offer, by applying to participate in the various leadership opportunities offered through the SFL Office. More information about our signature programs can be found below.



This series of programmatic initiatives is intended to promote the core values of SFL: academic achievement, civic and community engagement, diversity and inclusivity, personal and professional development, and holistic wellness. Through resources, lectures, and training, we support the four governing councils in their pursuit of these values. Councils can request additional funding and marketing support from our office to host these programs for our community.

IFC & PHA New Member Education

  • This is a new SFL program that is required of all Panhellenic Association (PHA) and Interfraternity Council (IFC) new members as part of SFL’s new member onboarding expectations with a focus on member/organizational purpose, risk, and community awareness.
  • Sessions will be split by chapters but will be a mix of both IFC and PHA members.

Officer Training

  • This is a new SFL Program that is required of specific chapter officers from all four councils and equivalent executive council member (Interfraternity Council, Intercultural Sorority & Fraternity Association, National Pan-Hellenic Council and Panhellenic Association).
  • Specifically, the requirement will be to have present the following: Chapter President, Member Educator(s), Risk Manager, and Social Chair(s) and Council Executive Board equivalent.
  • The program is intended to be centered on the expectations, policies and practices of SFL/chapter leadership to ensure the health and safety of our members/community and to serve as a reminder of the collective responsibility we hold as COMMUNITY LEADERS.

Leadership Studies 301: It's On Us

(LDST 301)

  • LDST 301 is an 8-week, 1 credit hour class (variable credit option available), and a 300-level elective. LDST 301 was designed and created by staff in the Sexual Assault Prevention & Education Center (SAPEC) at KU.
  • LDST 301 meets 1x per week for 50 minutes in-person and 1x online, or as an online class. 
  • LDST 301 uses a small group discussion model with a variety of different information mediums.  Classes are taught by passionate and engaging multidisciplinary staff from a social justice framework. 
  • In addition to LDST 301 being open to all KU students regardless of major, please note that students participating in Interfraternity Council or Panhellenic recruitment (or anticipate doing so) and/or are associated with Kansas Athletics Inc. are required to enroll in LDST 301.

For more information, please see Sexual Assault Prevention & Education Center: Educational Programs

SFL Awards & Recognition

  • Fraternities and sororities provide students the opportunity to become part of a group that shares common values and promote Academic Achievement, Civic & Community Engagement, Diversity & Inclusivity, Personal & Professional Development, and Holistic Wellness.
  • While each organization is unique, these Community Values provide a common purpose for fraternities and sororities at the University of Kansas. The goal of this awards program is to recognize organizations and individuals that live these values while highlighting the successes over the past year.
  • The SFL Awards & Recognition program is an annual evaluation process for both chapter’s and individual’s dedicated work over the past year. The program connects the purpose of our organizations to a set of benchmarks for success and allows chapters to reflect on what went well and how to improve.

To see previous award & recognition winners visit: Awards | Sorority & Fraternity Life (ku.edu)