Community Core Values

In striving to be a premier sorority and fraternity, our organizations are committed to upholding the following core values:

  1. Academic Achievement
  2. Civic & Community Engagement
  3. Diversity & Inclusivity
  4. Personal & Professional Development
  5. Holistic Wellness

Academic Achievement

As members of the SFL community at the University of Kansas, we strive to attain a high standard of academic success and rigor. Our organizations promote and encourage the academic success of our members through implementing GPA standards, hosting study hours, academic monitoring, encouraging the use of campus tutoring resources, and providing access to chapter and Inter/National scholarships.

In affirming the value and promotion of academic achievement, we pledge the following:

  • We believe in the pursuit of postsecondary education;
  • We will promote academic integrity and reject any actions of academic dishonesty;
  • We will strive to perform, both as individual chapters and as a community, above the university's all-student, all-women and all-men grade point averages.
  • We will encourage our members to pursue their passions in the classroom and will uplift and support them if these passions should change.

Civic & Community Engagement

Our members seek to contribute to, and maintain a healthy relationship within Lawrence and neighboring Kansas communities, through their acts of service and philanthropy. Jayhawks regularly contribute over $200,000 annually for causes that matter to them. The SFL leadership will encourage this culture of community engagement and volunteerism, in addition, encourage our members to make their voices heard on issues affecting our community.

In affirming the value and promotion of Civic & Community Engagement, we pledge the following:

  • We will be good neighbors in our community by practicing good stewardship of our properties, community, neighbors, and the University;
  • We will hold membership in additional organizations on campus, be it for professional development, leisure, or both;
  • We will encourage our members who are able to engage in their civic duty and by ensuring the betterment of the KU, Lawrence and greater community;
  • We will engage with a philanthropic partner through our Inter/National organizations;
  • We will engage in service to our community by volunteering our time and resources;
  • We will represent the University with pride and civility at national conferences.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Our members strive to cultivate a community of diversity and inclusion by providing opportunities to increase knowledge of equity, social justice, inclusion and diversity. Through programming and leadership positions devoted to the increase in cultural competency for members, our organizations strive to create a more welcoming and educated community.

In affirming the value and promotion of Diversity & Inclusivity, we pledge the following:

  • We will promote our organizations based on the values and mission we seek to pursue and recruit those who uphold our ideals;
  • We will collaborate in these efforts to engage with and learn from each other;
  • We will provide educational opportunities that challenge and educate members from all councils about diversity and inclusivity.

Personal & Professional Development

Membership within a fraternal organization provides students with a sense of belonging and the opportunity to cultivate lifelong relationships. Through membership students are provided the opportunity to seek mentors, find a support network, and gain leadership opportunities. With the help of the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life the leadership will promote maintaining healthy relationships, positive life choices and education on how to intervene to help those who falter in doing so.

In affirming the value and promotion of Personal & Professional Development, we pledge the following:

  • We will hold our members accountable for their actions, good and bad, and provide the opportunity for personal growth in the event of the poor decisions;
  • We will promote developing healthy relationships within our chapter, council and SFL community;
  • We will host events that will foster community and social opportunities for members of the community;
  • We will encourage leadership opportunities and involvement both within and outside our organizations.

Holistic Wellness

The members of sororities and fraternities are committed to promoting and ensuring a holistically safe, healthy, and values-based sorority and fraternity community. Our members promote and advocate for looking out for one's mental health. Members of the SFL community regularly promote and share resources available to students, and help them balance their academic and personal lives in a constructive manner.

In affirming the value and promotion of holistic wellness, we pledge the following:

  • We will support one another ensuring all members of the community are healthy by meeting harm reduction expectations as a top priority;
  • We will serve as agents of change by helping our community members make positive and proactive choices and changes toward wellness;
  • We will provide and bring awareness to resources for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellness;
  • We will create and enforce environments of safety and wellness;
  • We will commit to a community of anti-hazing;