Interfraternity Council

KU Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the representative government for all current interfraternity chapters at The University of Kansas. Their purpose is to represent the various sentiments and concerns of the fraternity community to the University, its administration, and the general KU/Lawrence community while striving to promote a positive sorority & fraternity life image.


Alpha Epsilon Pi - AΕΠ

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  • Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) is the world’s Jewish college fraternity, operating chapters on more than 175 college campuses in seven countries. Founded in 1913, AEPi has more than 90,000 living alumni. Alpha Epsilon Pi is a Jewish fraternity and brotherhood in Alpha Epsilon Pi is open to all who are willing to espouse its values and mission. The fraternity’s mission – developing the future leaders of the Jewish communities – is demonstrated every day through acts of brotherhood, Tzedakah, social awareness and support for Jewish communities and Israel.

Alpha Kappa Lambda - AΚΛ

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  • Alpha Kappa Lambda was founded on April 22, 1914, by a group of young men attending the University of California, Berkeley.  AKL takes pride both in being the first West Coast born fraternity and also in producing Men of Character who strive everyday to make themselves and the world a better place by living out their five ideals: Judeo-Christina principles, leadership, scholarship, loyalty, and self-support. 

Alpha Sigma Phi - ΑΣΦ

Alpha Tau Omega - AΤΩ

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  • KU Chapter President: Miles Hubbard 
  • Since its founding at Virginia Military Institute in 1865, Alpha Tau Omega has been a provider of amazing opportunities. More than 234,000+ men have become ATOs and taken advantage of an experience that is like nothing else. As America’s Leadership Development Fraternity, ATO provides a great opportunity for young men who are looking for a truly unique fraternity experience.

Delta Chi- ΔΧ

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  • Founded on October 13th, 1890 at Cornell University in Ithaca New York. Delta Chi believes in developing the whole person and helping our members become better people, not just better Delta Chis, who are committed to making an impact on the world around them. Through following our values our members become men of action and grow to become the best version of themselves while living, leading, and growing each day with integrity. 

Delta Tau Delta- ΔΤΔ

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  • Founded on the principles of truth, courage, faith, and power, Delta Tau Delta was established in 1858 at Bethany College, what is now West Virginia. Since 1858, the Fraternity has spread to nearly 200 campuses, with more than 130 active chapters and colonies of roughly 10,000 students. More than 170,000 men have joined the brotherhood of Delta Tau Delta since its founding.

Delta Upsilon- DU

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  • Founded on Nov. 4, 1834, at Williams College, Delta Upsilon is the sixth oldest men’s college fraternity and the first to be founded as non-secret. The vision of Delta Upsilon is that they are the premier men’s fraternity committed to Building Better Men for a global society through service, leadership development and lifelong personal growth for their diverse membership.

Lambda Chi Alpha- ΛΧΑ

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  • There are over 180 Lambda Chi Alpha chapters, each challenging and empowering men to become better versions of themselves in every season of life. Since 1909, Lambda Chi Alpha’s legacy has deepened when each generation equips even more young men to redefine who they are and who they can be for others, generation after generation. Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity seeks to foster this legacy of leadership through enduring relationships, strong mentorship and intensive instruction on their history, values and code of conduct.

Pi Kappa Alpha- ΠΚA

  • The Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity (
  • KU Chapter President Contact: 
  • Founded at the University of Virginia in 1868. Pi Kappa Alpha has remained dedicated to developing men of integrity, intellect, success and high moral character, and to fostering a truly lifelong fraternal experience. They believe the fraternal experience makes better men, better friends, better husbands, better fathers and better citizens.

Phi Kappa Tau- ΦΚΤ

Sigma Alpha Epsilon- ΣΑΕ

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  • SAE is one of the country’s oldest and largest fraternities, founded on March 9, 1856, at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. SAE is not just a fraternity. SAE is a place men go to learn how to be to a better person. To build a better world. To pass on better principles to the next generation. SAE is where men transform from who they are, to who they want to be. SAE is for men who want to take the collegiate experience to a higher level.

Sigma Nu- ΣΝ

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  • Headquartered in Lexington, Virginia, Sigma Nu Fraternity was founded in 1869 at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington. Sigma Nu currently has over 160 active chapters and colonies on college campuses throughout the United States and has initiated over 235,000 members since its founding. Sigma Nu transforms society through the commitment of its members to the Fraternity’s founding principles, leadership, and ethical living.

Sigma Phi Epsilon-  ΣΦΕ

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  • Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) was founded on November 1, 1901, at Richmond College, now the University of Richmond, in Richmond, Va.  Since then, SigEp has grown to become one of the largest fraternities in the country. Through SigEp, men strengthen their character, build leadership and interpersonal skills, and learn to develop healthy, lifelong relationships that are essential to a successful and fulfilling life.

Sigma Pi- ΣΠ

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  • Since their inception on February 26, 1897, at Vincennes University in Indiana, Sigma Pi has grown into an international Fraternity which prides itself on brotherhood, scholarship, chivalry, and leadership. Members strive for excellence by living out the core values to promote fellowship, develop character, advance heightened moral awareness, enable academic achievement, and inspire service.


Theta Chi- ΘΧ

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  • Theta Chi is one of the oldest men’s college fraternities in North America. Since the founding on April 10th, 1856 at Norwich University more than 185,000 members have enjoyed the Fraternity’s traditions, ideals, and fellowship. Founded on the principle of friendship through the mutual assistance of every member, Theta Chi aims to provide its members with an enjoyable and fulfilling collegiate experience that also prepares them for rewarding, successful lives after graduation.


Zeta Beta Tau- ZBT

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  • Founded in 1898, ZBT is the world’s first and largest Jewish Fraternity. Since our historic founding, more than 140,000 men have been initiated into our great Brotherhood. Again making history, in 1989 ZBT became the first fraternity to abolish pledging and all two-tier membership statuses. Our Brotherhood focuses on equal rights, privileges and responsibilities for all brothers. We firmly stand against all forms of hate in our communities, and we are working to create a safer and more inclusive college and community environment for all students.

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